Back on track with a healthy breakfast, and starting today, every morning I’ll drink a cup of hot water with a half pressed lemon. 😊 Have a good day!


August was a busy month for me, didn’t have much time for the internet but now that school is back, my normal routine is back so I’ll try to post daily 😊

Morning jog with my friend the other day, felt like I was running in paradise


I haven’t been really active on here cause I’ve been so active outside enjoying summer ahhhhhhh :-) I’ll post more and answer your questions on my ask: !

Ask me anything you'd like to know 😊

went on a little canoeing adventure with friends

Big breakfast for a big day, yummmyyyy

I didn’t feel like having a big big dinner, so this is my dinner-snack thing, I would usually eat something like this for lunch but eh oh well

what are some good meals for breakfast??

Good healthy cereal with fruits, yogurt with granola and fruits, peanut butter toast with a banana, good fulfilling smoothie

when is the best time to go running??

Whenever, whenever you can get up and go for a run, no excuses!!! But it’s good an hour after you eat breakfast, or late at night when the weather’s nice